Why do coders hate PHP?

When it comes to coding, PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. However, for a few coders, it is also one of the most loathed languages. Hence, why do coders hate PHP?

One of the primary gripes coders have about PHP is the inadequate documentation. The official documentation is often obscure and incomplete, leaving coders to depend on third-party sources for help. This can be incredibly exasperating for coders who are searching for immediate answers and solutions.

A further explanation coders despise PHP is the substandard performance. PHP is not the most proficient language, and it can be slow and unreliable when it comes to dealing with large amounts of data. This can be a major issue for coders who need their applications to work quickly and dependably.

At last, some coders detest PHP because it lacks many of the features that other languages have. For instance, PHP is not as object-oriented as other languages, making it more difficult to write complex applications. Additionally, it does not have native support for many popular web technologies, such as WebSockets.

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