DooPHP Version 1.1 Released!

DooPHP version 1.1 is released! It now comes with a more complete list of features. Another great thing to be mentioned is that the performance in this version has improved too!

The benchmark comparison of v1.0 and v1.1

Doophp v1.1 benchmark

The benchmarked source code and environment is the same as the previous benchmark tested with Kohana framework.

Noticeable New Features in v1.1:
Access Control List(ACL) as built-in authentication support.
Data caching which supports APC, Memcache, XCache, EAccelerator & file based cache.
Sophisticated Frontend cache mechanism where both full page(single/recurvise) & partial page cache are supported.
Database replication (master-slave) support in the ORM tools
Better conventional modular directory structure support.
Auto loading of the framework classes.
IF statement and Cache tag support for template engine.
Enhanced model class generator. PostgreSQL supported.
Image manipulation helper for resize, crop, watermark, upload, etc.
Pager component for item list pagination.
Text helper class for string manipulation.
Url builder class to generates URLs based on route ID or controller & method names
Log/Profile viewer tool.
Sitemap Generator tool to generate routes and controller files.
View the complete features and changes in the CHANGELOG file in the latest source.

Go ahead and download the new framework source. New demos and tools are added in to help you get started even easier now.

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