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I have been receiving comments that DooPHP is not well documented as it advertised.

I want to make a correction here, the Documentation you guys are asking for is instead a Tutorial which is being written at the momnet. I know people like simple walkthrough like CodeIgniter user guide. HOWEVER, DooPHP is well documented, almost EVERY line in the source in Javadoc style! And please note that I have uploaded the Class reference documentation which is a common thing in framework or programming language such as Java and ActionScript. Like this Adobe document:

With the complete Javadoc style comments in the framework source, you are able to use code hinting in your favorite IDE. With the API document, you can see every single function, their visibility, parameters, return types, descriptions, examples, etc… It is well documented and please do not criticize me on this. CI doesn’t even have one.

What DooPHP needs now is a simple tutorial/user guide. For those who can’t wait, simply view the demo which serves as simple tutorial.

Thank you, and please don’t flame me on this 🙂

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