Benchmark Update

The graph at the benchmark section has been updated. After a discussion in the forums, Qeephp is re-benchmark with its QCache_PHPDataFile switched on in bootstrap.

Basically it loads the converted Yaml settings of Qeephp to PHP config variables $config just like what DooPHP is doing. And of course this improves the performance.

Doophp is also re-benchmark in production mode with the deploy script. Only common & routes config are loaded. The index.php contains:

include ‘./protected/config/common.conf.php’;
include ‘./protected/config/routes.conf.php’;
include $config[‘BASE_PATH’].’deployment/deploy.php’;

Doo::app()->route = $route;
While the common.conf.php is changed to use absolute path. The previous benchmark is done with the app folder in the archive It only contains:

$config[‘SITE_PATH’] = ‘/var/www/app/’;
$config[‘BASE_PATH’] = ‘/var/www/dooframework/’;
$config[‘APP_MODE’] = ‘prod’;
$config[‘SUBFOLDER’] = ‘/app/’;
The benchmark in production mode:

the new benchmark

Previous benchmark:

the new benchmark

Of course, you can gain more performance by merging all configs into index.php but it SACRIFICE maintainability. So please be wise when you try to optimize your code 😉

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