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DooPHP is a rapid development framework for PHP using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM, reduces development costs and helps developers write less code.

The framework itself is designed with main focus on its core performance rather than the wide range of features. It is for those who need a more structured project but do not wish to spend much time on learning a framework or a new language.

DooPHP is definitely for you if you are not in love with frameworks that generates frontend/backend design which are usually hard to modify and maintain later on. DooPHP gives you a clearer view while developing your web apps without hard-to-grasp concepts.

You should be loving DooPHP too if the list below fit in your needs:

In short,

  • High performance.
  • Low learning curve.
  • Great flexibility.
  • It's lightweight. The core is less than 1mb.

More details,

  • Doesn't change the way you use PHP. $_GET supported.
  • Compatibility. It works with shared hosting accounts and various environment.
  • Only 3 required configuration. Just set your project path!
  • Does not require the use of command line. SSH not required.
  • Not another RoR clone. It doesn't restrict you with coding rules or conventions.
  • Clear documentation. Class reference is a good helper.
  • Loosely coupled which can be used externally in other projects.
  • Used with 3rd party classes like Zend framework easily.
  • Can be used with Netbeans. Auto complete & code hinting works great!
  • RESTful API. Good for AJAX or Flash/Flex for mashup. Develop Facebook app!
  • Best for SEO. Routes handling is one of the best.
  • Very flexible and extendable template engine.
  • Centralized control for common settings, routes, DB configs, DB relationship.

Go ahead and download the framework and let's get started with the walkthrough.